Home Improvement – Discussing Crystal Chandeliers

Well, Chandeliers, particularly crystal chandeliers, have long been considered a sign of wealth and status. This is because the materials used to make them and the skilled labor involved in creating them were once so expensive as to be affordable only by the very rich and royalty. Nowadays, mass industrial production makes it possible for many middle-class homes and moderate business establishments to enjoy creations that are not so very different in appearance from their extravagant predecessors. So everybody knows that crystal chandelier have its own identity and has long been regarded as an elegant. People just fail to see that the crystal chandelier is more than just a d├ęcor but a great lighting fixture to a home.

It is known that there are many styles of crystal chandelier design, both antique and modern. The English, French and Viennese all competed in chandelier design at the height of the fixture’s popularity, each culture bringing unique and distinctive designs to the art form. It is certainly a good thing because the competition on having the best crystal chandelier design is always at a good side. A person often gets a good look at it and actually gets to appreciate its art. Today, many newer designs of chandelier follow a more angular, Wright-esque aesthetic than their curvy ancestors, but crystal, as well as materials meant to emulate the look of crystal, remains a favorite look. Because crystal can give your chandelier a great overall look and the elegance factor is always seen as a great attribute for your lighting fixture.

It is a big notion that crystal chandelier design has its own set of terminology to describe various common features of crystal chandeliers. For instance, the term bag in chandelier design refers to the look of many strings of crystal beads forming a sort of hollow teardrop shape, fastened at the widest point to a circular metal ring. Hanging pieces of crystal are known as drops, while a spire is a tall spike of glass. People who really are into crystal chandelier will get that assumption a lot. Remember that crystal chandelier can always dictate a lot to your h

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